Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Man Who Was So Busy Learning That He Had No Time To Become A Talmid Chochom

The story goes that back in the old country there was a Yid that was always learning Torah, yet remained in the realm of ignorance, not becoming a talmid chacham.

R. Chaim Brisker was asked to explain the phenomenon. He explained that 'he is so busy learning, he has no time to become a talmid chacham' (source - Kerem Yehoshua: Bring Clarity To Your Learning And Master Shas, By Rabbi Yehoshua Cohen).

What does that mean? It means that the idea of learning Torah is to become knowledgable in it. One needs to learn with seichel, with a method, to grow in Torah knowledge and understanding. Just 'learning' alone, without proper digestion and absorption of the Torah studied, can leave a person in (relatively) ignorant state, despite numerous hours spent 'learning'. Just like someone eating profusely, but not allowing his body to digest and absorb his intake properly, will not be healthy.

A related teaching from Chazal is brought in Rashi on the first pasuk of parshas Vayikra, which we just read. It tells us that Moshe Rabbeinu had hafsakos, breaks, between one parsha and the next, to have space/time to think. To digest and absorb the Torah he learned. And afortiori, all the more so, for people on a lower level, with lesser teachers, that such breaks are needed for proper Torah learning.

A related Litvishe teaching is that there is an inyan of bittul Torah be'eichus. Bittul Torah in terms of the quality, the level of the Torah study. If someone can learn on a higher level, with deep understanding, and instead remains on a simplistic level, he has fallen short. Bittul Torah is not just a matter of quantity.

We need to keep in mind that the goal of Torah learning is to truly understand Torah, and not be like the pious fool that was always learning, but remained ignorant.

May we merit becoming true תלמיד חכמים.

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