Friday, March 15, 2013

Hatzoloh, Shomrim, Chaveirim

There are some fine organizations that came from the post WWII immigrant community, such as Hatzoloh, Chaveirim, Shomrim. And we have to give credit where credit is due for them.

Hatzoloh is like bikur cholim. But before one thinks that earlier generations, our elders, were deficient by not creating Hatzoloh before the 1960's, we should think for a moment. Could Hatzoloh have emerged then or in the pre-WWII period? Not as it is today, for sure. The technology was not there. Emergency medicine, equipment, was not developed to the extent that it became later.

And with regard to Shomrim, the radios, communication equipment that is so vital to their work, was not widely available, or reasonably priced, in the old days as well.

Ditto re Chaveirim. Did they have all the advanced booster kits, small and efficient diagnostic equipment, pre WWII? They didn't have the modern electronics we now take for granted then.

We salute all who work selflessly for the community, the ציבור, past and present.

וכל מי שעוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה, הקב"ה ישלם שכרם

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