Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More On Moshiach Being A Misnaged

I heard more about Moshiach being a Misnaged from a Litvishe friend.

The way he told it was like this.

Moshiach will be a Misnaged. Why? Because he will come and say kaddish, and he will not say veyatzmach purkanei vikareiv meshichei (ויצמח פורקניה ויקרב משיחיה) as part of it (because if  Moshiach has already arrived, it will be out of place, anachronistic, to say it). So that proves he is a Litvak, and not a Chassid.

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  1. Of course Moshiach will Be A Misnaged, if he was a chusid litvaks would not follow him.....and a chusid will take what he can get.